Natthapon Phakpon (Ton) – Muay Thai Coach

Welcome to our new Muay Thai Coach and Elite Fight Team head coach Ton.

Ton was born in Roi Et in central north-eastern Thailand in 1989. Coming from a typical small family in the area, Ton grew up with one sister and a passion for Muay Thai. He had his first Professional fight in 1996 when he was just 7 years old. Stating at such a young age seems almost crazy to those of us in Western society but is quite the norm for young Nak Muay (Muay Thai student) in Thailand. He decided that fighting was the best way he could contribute to his
family which is also very common in his province.

Ton has amassed a substantial fight record with 278 fights over his career.
This is an outstanding achievement and would be impossible to have such a
record living in Australia. But even in Thailand where fights are conducted
multiple times a week this is still an amazing feat.

Deciding that he could offer more to his art form, Ton moved onto coaching
when he was 28 years old in 2017. Unfortunately for us, all the human body can
only compete at high levels for a certain amount of time, fortunately for us,
Ton decided to help the next generation of fighters.

After completing a coaching apprenticeship Ton has taught in many gyms in Thailand. Bangkok Gym, Rawai Muay Thai, Samui Sky Gym and probably the most famous gym in Phuket, Tiger Muay Thai. This gym has gained huge popularity because of the multiple world champions that travel to train there including high-level UFC and ONE Championship fighters.

Ton was recruited from his last gym, Monsoons Gym in Koh Tao, by the team at Ronin Academy after several trips there by the fight team and senior members.
His knowledge and passion were evident from the first meeting and the team at Ronin has worked very hard to get him on a coaching visa for the next year. A special thank you to Monsoons for sharing Ton, it is greatly appreciated and
will never be forgotten.

Expressing interest in travelling to Australia, Ton also explained he had family in Sydney and would love to visit. So, after a long visa application and hard work by all the people in the background Ton is now the Head Coach of the Ronin Elite Fight Team and a valued member of the coaching staff at Ronin Academy.