Newsletter December 2018


Hi everyone,

Well, what a year it has been. There have been some great highs and a few bumps in the road but a hugely successful overall year for Ronin.

Miss Piper James or as she is more commonly known, Moana, has settled right in as our full-time Mini Samurai coach and the kids really respond well to her. They have really come along well and it will be interesting to see their development over the next 12 months. We expect to see a very strong completion team coming from the Mini Samurai class in the junior events and the older member’s transition to the adult’s program. There is already the start of a great team that was on display at the competition’s and great wins this year in both the Muay Thai and BJJ programs.

Muay Thai at Ronin has never been stronger with a great display of sportsmanship and professionalism on display every time the team competes. We had a great year of victories inside and outside the ring with some awesome performances in the competition that led to some great wins and very close losses. As they say ‘you don’t lose you learn’. We have some big plans for the Muay Thai program in 2019 and we think we will be surprising even more people with the standard that will represent the gym.

Our No-Gi BJJ program is what we seem to be known for, and for good reason. We have medalled in every competition this year with a majority of gold. This comes as no surprise to us as the standard of technique and desire to win is second to none.

This year has also given us the opportunity to start a fundamentals program that has been a few years in the making. This has enabled us to start new members in a program that will better guide their journey into the future. We must thank Andrew Pozzi for taking the huge step up and coaching this program. His professionalism and love of the art is truly inspiring and we see great things in his future.

Ronin has had a huge year of soaking up knowledge from around the world. Including a Master Jean Jacques Machado No-Gi seminar and multiple trips to Frank Barca at OZ HQ. Ending the year with training in Thailand at 10th Planet Koh Tao and Monsoon Thai Boxing. Then a few weeks later a seminar with Master Eddie Bravo on his first trip to Australia in three years. They have all been great experiences that have been shared with multiple members of the gym.

We want to thank each and every one of our Ronin Academy members for a great 2018. We have so much planned in 2019 that you will be sure you are in the right place.

Have a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable and safe new year.

Everyone dream big, train hard and stay safe.
Be awesome
Kellie & Spence

Newsletter June 2016

Well what a month May was! Probably the biggest month in the history of Ronin Academy so far, now let’s keep getting bigger and better.

Numbers have been great for all the Thai Boxing classes so I want to thank everyone that keeps showing up. Not only are you going to get better and fitter every day you keep me constantly have to improve to keep up so thank you. If the numbers keep improving we might need a bigger gym, what a terrible problem to have.

We are all working hard in the BJJ class and its really starting to show. The warm-ups are starting to look good and everyone is really getting a good grasp of the system. Be great when we get Frank back up here and show him how good you all are.

Day classes are now in full swing and I know a lot of people can’t make it but if you know anyone that may be interested tell them to come down and give it a try for free, they might just love it.

Last but definitely not least is my little assassins that we call the Mini Samurai’s. These guys are improving out of sight and it won’t be long before they can give the adults a run for their money.

That’s all for now but go check out my first blog post on the website, the link is right here ………. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to share all we are doing on social media so everyone can see what they are missing out on.

Everyone stay safe, dream big and train hard.

Be awesome

Kris Spence

Newsletter May 2016

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these but I will be regularly writing them from now on.

As you may be aware I have now finished with my ‘day job’ and my only responsibility is to the Academy, and I couldn’t be happier. I no longer work for employer I work on my business and my own personal development.

Big changes in the Academy over the last few weeks with the new timetable and also being open during the day every weekday. We now have 15, yes that’s right 15 Martial Arts classes a week with 10 of those being BJJ classes.

We had a super successful seminar a few weeks ago ran by the leader or 10th Planet in Australia Mr Frank Barca. Who not only is the driving force of 10th Planet in Oz but the only Black Belt in the southern hemisphere (not a bad achievement). Everyone that attended seemed to have a great time and we had a few visitors from other gym around town which was great. I would like to thank everyone for coming especially those that had to travel (Mitch Godfrey) and those from all around Townsville. Frank will be coming back again this year and I hope it can be an ever bigger success.

Private lessons are now available during the day and weekends so if you’re keen or know anyone tell them to get a hold of me. These can be fitness, nutrition or Martial Arts, I want to help everyone I can.

Everyone stay safe, dream big and train hard.

Be awesome

Kris Spence

Ronin Academy Newsletter No. 1

Welcome to Ronin Academy.

This is the very first of many blog posts onto our brand new site. So much has happened at Ronin Academy over the last few month it’s hard to know where to start, but here goes.

First of all let me extend a very warm welcome to Gordon (Jock) Armstrong and Greg Hinks who are both now teaching their Martial Arts classes at the Academy. Both have full bio’s on the site and I suggest you check them out. These guys both have quite a resume. We are all very honoured and privileged to have them as part of our growing family.

The Academy has really grown in the last few weeks and its great to see all the new faces around the gym. The Mini Samurai’s are really starting to understand the concepts of the submission wrestling and are now adding submissions to their growing arsenal of moves. This will be really helpful to any of the kids that are considering competing in the WKA all styles tournament in October.

As most of you know we also held a sleepover for the Mini Samurais over the recent school holidays, I hope to do this more often and would encourage anyone that has any ideas how we can improve these to let me know. My hope would be to run a two or three day camp next holidays if there was people interested and also other one night sleepovers on Fridays once a month.

The adult classes have also been growing which is great to see. Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling have been growing and the students that have been attending regularly have really improved.

We have some massive news that I can’t quite share yet about the submission wrestling that will be huge not only in the dojo but in all of Nth QLD, so stay tuned for that.

Our new timetable should be live now that shows all the new classes on offer and I hope brings more people to see why we will be the number one Martial Arts Academy in the North.

Everyone stay safe, dream big and train hard.

Be awesome

Kris Spence