The New Guy to BJJ

The New Guy to BJJ

Coming into a new training environment, you may not be up to scratch with the general rules and etiquette that we have. Please take the time to make yourself familiar with how Ronin Academy takes care of business to give you the best opportunity to thrive in an assertive environment
We have a particular way we do things inside the Dojo to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

You are reading this for two reasons:
1. You are fresh and have just joined Ronin Academy
2. You have been directed here for a kind reminder on the etiquette that is taken very seriously.

Please take the time to read this – especially if you are new or considering joining.

Dojo Etiquette

This is single handily the most important thing that you will need to take on board. We don’t care what you did or what was acceptable in a previous gym/training environment, but once you walk through the front gate you abide by the Dojo rules. They keep us all safe and happy, so let’s go through them!

1. Leave your ego at the door

This is the biggest problem we face. You’re new and want to see how well you go against the hard hitters? That kind of thinking will not go down well in your favor.
We are all here to train, we all have jobs, families, and lives outside the dojo. If you feel the need to prove yourself and push too hard on someone half your size or hold off a little bit longer before tapping, no one is amazed. You only make yourself look silly.

Once you step on the Dojo mat, you need to take into consideration everyone’s health, including your own. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

2. Respect the elders in the room

Those of higher rank understand that you are new and will show compassion as long as you show respect. They will be the ones who will take care of you and help you out when needed.

No talking when instructions are given, it’s just plain rude when you are talking while instructions are given. Your conversation can wait until later as you’re not only wasting your own time but the time of those around you.

Inform the instructor BEFORE class commences if you need to leave early, we understand if you have other commitments and need to leave early but always inform the instructor BEFORE class begins.

3. Show compassion to those below you

You won’t always be ‘the new guy’ in the room. There will come a day when ‘the new guys’ come to you. When someone comes to you with a question and you don’t know the answer, always direct them to a higher ranked belt.

4. Maintain proper hygiene
  • Please shower before training
  • Make sure your nails are cut back to prevent scratching others during training
  • Use deodorant or antiperspirant
  • Make sure any wounds are properly covered or strapped
  • Don’t wear dirty gear to training (Soak your training gear overnight and wash in the morning)
  • Ladies – no makeup
5. Help take care of the Dojo

Mats aren’t cheap! There are a few guidelines for clothing below which will ensure the mats stay in as perfect condition as possible

  • No shoes on the mat
  • No zippers or hard buttons
  • No food on the mat
  • Contribute to the cleaning of the dojo after training

After class, we all contribute to keeping the dojo clean. Lower ranks should assume positions that have not already been filled.
We sweep down the mat with brooms before mopping with antibacterial soap to make sure no one gets any.
No one leaves until the mats are clean unless prior arrangements have been made!

If you have ringworm, an open wound, tinea (athlete’s foot) or injury please inform someone prior to stepping on the mats.

6. What are we about?

Here at Ronin Academy, we are all about promoting the 10th planet system ensuring the most technical details have been emphasized and skills developed for use in a real life or competitive environment. The 10th planet system is based on Brazilian jiu-jitsu for mixed martial arts developed by Eddie Bravo who has proved its efficacy by defeating Royler Gracie in the 2003 Abu Dhabi quarterfinals, and reaffirming his dominance once again in 2014 at Metamoris 3 where Eddie put on a stellar performance cementing our place in the no-gi world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Since its development, numerous MMA fighters have embraced the system to provide them with a competitive edge in professional fights.

When you first join, you are able to participate in any class and we will go through 32 basic warm-up drills that lay the foundations of the 10th planet system.

These include:

Series A: Granbys

Series B: Hail Mary

Series C: Pressure Passes

Series D: Standing Passes

Series E: Quarter Guard

Series F: Butterfly Guard

Series G: Top Half Passes

Series H: Open Guards

We also highly recommend that you download this app that was created by a 10P Melbourne Brown Belt, Julian Pittas aka Supa. The app is great and shows all the latest tweaks to the warmups.

Apple App store:…/10th-planet-warmups/id1397309349…

Next, create an account at and subscribe to a pro account. It’s currently $5.50 AUD per month which will give you unlimited access to the most recent techniques and updates in the Mastering the system (MTS) series.

If you have a question about anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

Follow the Nibiru forms to connect and collaborate with other members of the 10th planet community

8. Social media

You may not post any material acquired at BJJ training unless authorized to do so by our Principle teacher, Frank Barca from 10th Planet Melbourne.

All other classes may be posted by anyone this is only for the BJJ classes.

If you see any material or posts that break the rules please inform a staff member.

9. Representing the school

When competing you automatically represent the school that you train at. Make sure you are wearing a 10th planet rash guard that complies with competition regulations and a patch on your shorts (black shorts only, rash guards must have at least 10% of your rank colour and the rest either black or white except on the logo.)

Do NOT under any circumstances undermine another school or competitor.
When attending events, your actions will reflect our school so don’t screw up.

10. First Aid Kit

Make sure you pack your own first aid kit for your own personal use.
Your kit should contain:

  • Band-aids
  • Bandages
  • Nail Clippers
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Vaseline