BJJ Warm ups

A Series Terminology – Granby’s

A1   Granby Roll (Knees to Knees) & (Inverted).

A2   BOTTOM – Side Control to bump to Granby Roll.

TOP – Catch double-unders, pressure pass to side control

A3   Shoot (Top partner defends) to sit through. Rear Granby to turtle control. Partner wrestlers sit out to dark haven

A4   Inverted Guard to Clamp (triangle position) to Cauliflower Ear Escape.

B Series Terminology – Hail Mary’s

B1   Shin to shin to Single X sweep to Ashi to Straight Ankle Lock partner escapes back to feet to X guard to DOA to Heel Hook partner sits up and stacks to escape.

B2   Rolling Kimura from Open Guard to the Back to RNC with BJ Hook to Rewind to Safe Haven Escape.

B3   Open Guard – Marcelotine from the Sprawl to mounted guillotine to flip flop to mounted Marcelotine.

B4   TOP – Z Stuff to Knee slice to Hybrid Judo side.

BOTTOM – Jail Break to Z stuff on weak side.

Techniques to be repeated twice.

TOP – Rolling ankle lock.

C Series Terminology – Pressure Passes

C1   TOP – Butterfly Guard knee pummel to Planking M1 to Knee on Belly to Judo Side.

BOTTOM – Foot on the door to Shrimp to full guard to Hip Bump Sweep

C2   TOP – Fly Over from Butterfly to Judo Side to attempted Twister Side

BOTTOM – The Heisman escape

C3   TOP – Flip over from Butterfly to side then North South.

BOTTOM – B Smith escape to Butterfly to arm drag to the back with hooks to swim move to Spider-web to arm-crush (failed) to triangle arm bar

C4   TOP – Stuff knees to Chest Pass to Knee on Belly to Spinning Arm Bar.

BOTTOM – Corkscrew Escape to Twister Side Control.


D Series Terminology – Standing Passes

D1   TOP – Double Leg Drag to Flying Judo Side Control.

BOTTOM – Double C-Cup Reverse Heisman to Full Guard.

TOP- Wrist control to sit back open Guard to The Crippler to Honey Hole partner Carl Lewis escape.

D2   Standing over Butterflies (bottom partner flat on back) to M1 to 2 belly skips (bottom partner Granby recovery) to Flying Twister Pass.

D2 Advanced – Flying Twister Pass to the Kill Switch to the back with RNC.

D3   Heel Toss to Leg Drag to Knee on Belly to 2 belly skips. (Partner to 1/4 Guard) Capoeira to Honey Hole to Texas Cloverleaf to Inside Heel Hook partner Ramey Escape.

D4   Heel Toss to Standing under Pass to turtle to D’Souza Control to the Truck to Calf Crank to the back with BJ hook RNC.

E Series Terminology – 1/4 Guard

E1    1/4 Clinch (top partner hands not on mat) Mini Stomp, Push, Pull, Lockdown

E2    BOTTOM – Full Guard to Knee Slice, to 1/4 Guard Shell to Capoeira to 3/4 Mount.

TOP – 1/4 force to 1/4 Shell to 1/4 Whip (top partner Whizzer) to Perfect Double Unders to Boa Sweep

E3    TOP – Full Guard to Knee Slice.

BOTTOM – 1/4 Z, shoot, pull to Dogfight (top partner Whizzer) to Full Guard with Perfect Double Unders to Homie Control.

E4    Lockdown (Head & Arm) to Whipper Cut to Electric Clinch to Electric Sweep to Cradle Control, to Crush Control to Can Crusher

F Series Terminology – Butterflies

F1    BOTTOM – Super-stomp with pimp arm to Cocoon to JJ Sweep #1 to Full Mount.

Partner (now on bottom) Hip Bump Mount Escape to Butterfly Guard with Double Unders to Full Guard with Double Unders to Homie Control.

F2    BOTTOM – Super-stomp to Cocoon to Failed JJ Sweep to JJ 2 to 3/4 Mount to Mount

Partner (now on bottom) JJ Mount Escape to Outside Heel Hook (Partner) Standing Spinning Escape.

F3    (Partner raise knee) to 2 on 1 on opposite arm to 2 on 1 Sweep to 3/4 Mount to Mount

BOTTOM – Hip Bump Mount Escape to Butterfly Guard with Double Unders to Full Guard with Double Unders to Homie Control to failed Shuck to Mission Control to Zombie to New York to Omoplata.

F4    2 On 1 to top partner raising same side knee to Clubbing Butterfly Sweep to 3/4 Mount to Mount.

BOTTOM – JJ Mount Escape to Outside Heel Hook. Partner to Playgirl (Spinning Escape).

G Series Terminology – Top Half Passes
G1   TOP – From top lockdown position, No Hand Pass from to Regular Side Control to Knee Slice to Full Mount to Head and Arm.

BOTTOM partner Upah Escape to guard

Partner – two Arm Bars to The Toss to Spider-web to Bollinger break.

G2   TOP – Dominator Pass to Judo Side to Brennan Mount to Head and Arm.

BOTTOM – Bump, Suck to Failed Upah to Hail Mary Mount Escape to The Crippler with Knee Knot with Steering Wheel.

G3   TOP – From Z Guard to Toe Hold attempt to Top Half to Twister Pass to Twister Side to Tip Toe Mount to head and arm

BOTTOM – Bump, Suck to Alcatraz

TOP – Japanese Neck Tie.

G4   TOP – Buttock Compressor to Leg Drag Position to Dope Mount to Head and Arm.

BOTTOM – Bump, Beat the Feet to Reverse Alcatraz to Butterfly with Double Unders to Full Guard to Homie Control.


H Series Terminology – Open Guards

H1   Spiral Clinch to Crab Ride to the back to Safe Haven.

H2   Failed Cocoon to X Guard Back Sweep to Twister Side Control.

H2   Advanced – Kill Switch to the Back to RNC with BJ Hook.

H3   Deep Half Sling Shot Sweep from Open Guard to Leg Drag to Outside Knee on Belly to Toe Hold (bottom partner Toe Hold Escape) to Wheel Kick Mount to Arm Bar, to Hitch Hiker escape to Honey flow.

H4   Spiral Clinch to Kiss of the Dragon Sweep to Berimbolo to the Back to Dark Haven.

Partner – rolls to safe haven escape.